Devou Good Project, Inc. Releases the Devou Park Backcountry Trails 2017 Economic Impact Study

(Covington, KY)—The Devou Good Project, Inc. (DGP) announces the release of the Devou Park Backcountry Trail System Economic Impact Study completed in fall of 2017. The report calculates the economic value of the 12-mile trail system to be $1.8 million annually. The Trail System sees 35,000 visits a year, each with an average soft goods spend of $13.00 at local restaurants and bars afterwards. Users report spending $1500/year on equipment and other hard good purchases. To read the detailed report and recommendations visit

Matt Butler, DGP member and author of the study believes the importance of the Trail System speaks for itself. “The benefit of our trails extends beyond the known values of health and recreation opportunities for our community. Trails are a valuable public economic asset and as such, we as a community need to invest our time and our dollars into their maintenance.”


The Devou Good Project, Inc. believes building relationships through collaboration is key to bringing positive change to our community. The founding members of DGP are skilled professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. Collectively they bring skills and experience from public relations, marketing, the arts, business/entrepreneurism and education fields. This diversified skill set is a valuable resource to the agencies they assist.

Matt Butler