Investments in Cincinnati and Northern KY.

We provided a multi-year grant for a capital campaign to construct additional facilities on the Devou Park Campus.

We are the lead funder and provided project management for construction of NaturePlay@BCM. We provided funding to staff programming at the museum.

We are the lead funder on two new build houses in Ludlow, KY. We provide a matching grant for the annual campaign.

We provided a grant to install three red bike stations in Covington, KY.

We provided funding for Pike Street Underpass improvements and Main Street Wifi program.

Lead funder for development of backcountry trails in Devou Park, Covington, KY. Provided financial guarantee for inaugural fundraising gala.

Providing a multi-year grant for a facilities renovation project.

Provided a matching grant to help provide startup founders money to help grow their businesses

Provided a capital campaign grant.

Provided a matching grant for a capital campaign. Funded and coordinated a re-brand.

Provided a capital campaign grant.

Served as fiscal sponsor and provided a matching grant.